Do we get to keep the fish?

Yes. We can send your fish anywhere in the world, though most people take their catch home with them.  We clean and package the fish immediately after each trip. You also have the option of having your fish vacuum packed.*
*Included in Signature, Gold, Silver, and Trophy packages.

How much do fishing licenses cost?

Saltwater Fishing Licence information is here.

What kind of clothing should we bring?

Usually a light sweater or jacket is fine. We provide any rain gear should you need it.

What is the weather like?

Ucluelet has a moderate climate. Summer is mostly sunny, though the west coast tends to be cooler than the inland thanks to those fresh ocean breezes! You can find more weather information here.

What are the best times to come to Ucluelet for fishing?

June 15-August 15:   Best halibut and salmon combination
May -July 20, August 15-Sept 10
  Catching Chinook (King) salmon in close to shore or protected water
August – September:   Larger Chinook (Kings) returning to the rivers

Can you smoke the fish?

Yes. You can have your fish smoked, within 2-3 weeks, and sent to your home.

Can we fly into Ucluelet?

Yes.  You can find lots of travel information here.

What are the catch limits?

Species Daily Limit Possession Limit Minimum Size
Chinook (King) 2 4 18 inches
Coho (Silver) 2** 4* 12 inches
Pink 4 8 12 inches
Chum 4 8 12 inches
Sockeye 4 8* 12 inches
Halibut 1* 2* N/A
Ling Cod 2* 4* N/A
* On West Coast of Vancouver Island only
** To be announced at start of season
Combined daily limit of all salmon is 4 and possession limit is 8
An angler will be able to possess two (2) small halibut, under 90cm, or one (1) one large halibut, between 90cm and 133cm.  The daily limit is one (1) halibut. It is illegal to retain halibut over 133cm.