Fishing Report July 2, 2012

Early July has started out very similarly to late June. There are still lots of smaller Chinook around and a few larger ones making clients happy. Portland point, Long Beach Bank, Inside and Outside Southbank, Sail Rock, Effingham, and the Rats Nose all have Chinook and Coho. The Rats nose has been producing quickly, though we haven’t been going much as it is a long run and there are both Chinook and Halibut in other places. Needlefish hutchies are still popular as well as small spoons. On one day the halibut weren’t taking needlefish hutchies and preferred spoons. The only constant with fishing here is that it is always changing and in order to be successful you must be willing to try new things and switch up old routines.
Coho are showing up all over the place including Barclay Sound which is a great sight for hungry fisherman! The early Coho are my favorite eating salmon and are so much better than the larger mature Coho later on. If you can get your hands on some of these early Coho you won’t be disappointed. Coho are showing up at all depths, however are most prevalent in the top 50 feet.
Pictured below is some of the happy clients from the past week!

Gary and Mary Anne Millenbruch June 27, 2012

Gary and Mary Anne Millenbruch June 28, 2012

Brothers Terry, Dan, David and Ray Newman June 29, 2012

Newman brothers June 30, 2012