Fishing Report August 28, 2011

I just realized that I haven’t talked about Coho in my last reports. Coho fishing has been great–there are so many that we will hit them every minute or two if not fishing the 7″ plugs. Even while fishing plugs we are still catching lots. Chinook fishing continues to be very good. We have mostly fished close to the Wreck and the big Chinook stayed there for at least a week. Now we are fishing the Starfish again and using plugs as well as coyote and Silver Horde spoons. There are not as many schools of pilchards around (that may have something to do with the seiners cleaning up!). Halibut fishing has slowed down, however we are still finding a few.

Stickland Anual fishing trip August 20,2011

Bill Bruder group August 21, 2011

Bill Bruder group 2 August 21, 2011

Dee Poplar group August 23, 2011

Dee Poplar group August 24, 2011

Frank Cerney and Cees Schep August 26,2011 with a 40lb 5 oz Chinook being weighed into the salmon derby.

Maxfield group August 27,2011

Maxfield group August 28,2011