Fishing Report
April 12, 2015

Chinook fishing has been very good the past few days and we are seeing some great signs for the 2015 season. Humpback whales are back along with good amounts of baitfish the past week. On Thursday we fished South Bank and hooked 8 Chinook (Kings) salmon and released them. Saturday and Sunday we caught our limit of Chinook and Lingcod around Great Bear and on Sunday we had time to go get some oysters as well since fishing was very fast. The Chinook are coming in between 7-20lbs mostly. The fishing is already better than last year at this time and this is a great sign for things to come for the rest of April, May and June. July – Sept should be good as always. We are getting busy for early season as well, so please don’t wait till the last minute to book your trip! Happy fishing!

Chris Phillps playing one of 8 Chinook hooked and released April 9, 2015.

Roy Grinder and friend Derek April 11, 2015 with Chinook and Lingcod

Roy Grinder and friend Derek April 12, 2015. They got their limit of Chinook and Lingcod for the 2nd day as well.