Fishing Report
September 17, 2015

Well it is mid September and the fish just keep rolling through. We are getting both Chinook and coho only a few minutes run from the harbour and we have been very happy with the results. We have had to work around the weather on a couple days, but over all fishing conditions have been favorable and the Chinook just keep rolling through. Coho are also starting to show up a little better and we would expect them to be around most of September. Thanks to all of you who came fishing with us this past week! Pics are below.

Gushulak group September 9, 2015 with a great catch fishing just a few minutes from the harbour.

Gushulak group day 2 September 10, the other two couldn't fit this day into their schedules. Too bad!

Mantay brothers having a blast with this double header September 12, 2015

Mantay brothers with a fun day on the water 12, 2015

Seth and Lindsay Storby on their honeymoon September 15, 2015

Darrin Greene with dad Lloyd with a double header Chinook and Coho September 16, 2015

Darrin Greene with dad Lloyd after a fast paced day September 16, 2015