US customers getting large discount on fishing trips

The huge dip in the Canadian dollar has made it very advantageous to fish in Canada since the discount on the dollar is at about 25% right now. (Based on the dollar 1/1.33). There are many choices on the coast for places to go fishing, so if you are on the fence of where to go, price might help you decide. When the dollar was almost par or even when the Canadian dollar was stronger for a while, we had people choosing to try Ucluelet. We have had a few customers find the Alaska Chinook fishery slow down and have now switched to us and become repeat guests.

Summer Fishing Trips
Coming to Ucluelet is also pretty easy so check out our Getting to Ucluelet page. We are should have a good amount of 4 year fish returning to the local rivers based on the good number of three year old Chinook that returned last year. Typically there are more 4 year old Chinook that come back than 3 year olds, so we are excited! Check out our Ucluelet Fishing Packages for more information on pricing.

Winter Fishing Trips
During winter months we fish Victoria on the southern end of Vancouver Island. Here you can catch salmon and halibut all winter long in protected water. The salmon we catch here are small Chinook in the 3-15lb range and Halibut are usually in the 20-50 lb range. Victoria is in a rain shadow and the very southern tip gets  less than half the precipitation of the surrounding areas. During winter months you could be driving south in a rain storm and when you get right to the southern tip it will be dry.  As part of your winter vacation come on a fishing charter with us here>